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Most of the pages in this site have a Main Menu on top of the page. This allows direct navigation to the main topics. The pages are color coded so that each topic is categorized by a unique color.

Main topics may have subnavigators on the left that allow you to go to items of special interest directly.

Common Menu

There is a Common Menu at the bottom of the pages. This leads to pages which are common for all topics on the site such as Help, Contact, Glossary etc.

At any point, you can return from the common pages either by hitting the BACK button on your browser or by selecting one of the topics at the bottom of the common page.


If you need help with words or terminology in the site, a Glossary of terms is available in the Common Menu at the bottom of the pages.

Technical Support

The MSR-MEDOC website was originally designed by ArtLab Europe working together with the MEDOC working group in 1999. It is actually maintained and sponsered by XI-WORKS.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this site, please contact the webmaster Mr. Herbert Klein at XI-Works.


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